June 27, 2008

cupcakes and things

well I thought I would add some projects that I am been working on :D I am sure you guys will enjoy some of these projects.
this one is a pillow and two bean bag set that I made for my niece as well as the orange flower clip that I made for her.

The white felt envelope I made out of white felt and did the blanket stitch and added a couple of buttons for the closure.

The two cute plushies you see-which I love- were done in an 20 minute each. The cup cake one I made for a swap and I hope my swap buddy will love it. The coffee one was inspired by one of my buddies on cutoutandkeep.

I really had alot of fun with all these and these were recent projects I also made a "sexy box" out of my cell phone box. lol.

Not sure what I will put in the box but I will find something. :D


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