June 27, 2008

crafting is fun

I must tell you the most fun thing about crafting is having the right organized chaos to do so! And Here is my happy organized chaos below :D

See how lovely my new organization for my crafting. My hubby brought this home one day from work and I love it. I got to go through a bunch of boxes, drawers ect and fill up one of these cabinets with all my goodies. Not to mention I dont really need to restock on certain items since I can always see where everything is. :D.
This comes in handy since my store is finally open online :D the site for that is here.
Check it out periodicly cause I will be adding more when I can. I am also a member at www.cutoutandkeep.net be sure to sign up there if you are a fellow crafter, I must say there are alot of creative ppl there and we would love to see you as well! I love it there, alot of ppl to bounche off ideas! well thats it for this entry I need to catch up on this thing. Dont worry I will be using this more often. :D


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