June 28, 2008

job hunting is depressing

well I found out that the way I budget for our bills and stuff is not going as well as I hoped. So I have no choice but to buckle down under the pressure of todays failed economy and find a job. I been applying online at several locations and what is making me annoyed is the "assessment" test. I answer honestly but apparently its not good enough and I am penalized for it. I have great leadership and management skills but of course thats isnt enough is it.
My husband is in the military and he told me if I applied at AFFESS I should be able to get a position with them soon because I am a spouse of a military branch.
So I hope I get something soon cause IF I really think about it I am ready to return to the workforce and it would be great to bring home some money to help with bills and have extra for special treats for my girls.
According to the website I should hear a reply from them in 3-5days so I hope I hear something soon. Next on my worry list is finding someone to watch my daughters. I could employ my brothers to watch them and depending on my pay I will pay them this way they will have like a summer job. Once school starts back up Lillian will be fine and I just need to find day care for Emma. So wish me luck guys cause I will be needing it.


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