July 6, 2008

Ice cream, ribbon, and hair oh my!

Today I took the girls out to DQ and we got lunch and Ice cream. Yummy. We then went to walmart and got some supplies for my cosplay outfit.

I made the 2 kunai out of foam board and I used the same technique with the mask to make them. :D Pretty neat! I also adjusted the foot socks and wrapped the bandages on my legs to see how it looks as well as how it feels.

The arm guards I think we will go through the sports goods and pick up some arm guards and spray paint them.

The vest I added D rings and added ribbon since its Texas and I know it will be to hot for a cloak or a scarf so the ribbon will be for the flowing effect. I will add pics of that tomorrow.

I am also adding pics of my cute hair that my best friend did yesterday. She colored and cut it herself and the hair cutting was her first time. She did a great job and I love it. But anywho I am tired so I am going to get some sleep.


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