July 9, 2008

Lillian got her ears pierced

OH YAYAYA! Finally going in for the third time getting her ears pierced. This time she came to me and been asking for them to be done for 3 months now. Since we had the money I decided to take her to the mall to get them done. I told her if she wanted them done that she had to sit on the chair herself and when the someone came to us to see what we wanted she was already asking them for ear piercing. So as she sat I filled out the paper work while the lady was getting ready. I asked Lillian one last time and she said "lets do this!" and she did, she only cringed at the sound of the gun but no crying. When she saw in the mirror that she had earrings she was smile ear to ear! In fact I was the one in tears cause I was so proud of Lillian being so brave. I will post pics soon. She is in bed now exhausted.

I am still exhausted from yesterday and today but I did get some crafting supplies and cant wait to start working on them. Maybe tomorrow night since Matthew is shooting pool. I just need to get the energy to get the kitchen organized. Later gaters.


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