December 28, 2009


I found me a sticker machine at walmart for 20 bucks! I been wanting one so bad that I thought I would treat myself. Now I am loving it!!! I want to make all sorts of stuff now. Here are just some of the stickers i made. The first batch was suppose to be 4 but I had accidently put the paper in the wrong way and got the sticky side on the front. Opse! The Nom nom brains are of my own design in Those I plan on putting up in my shop when I reopen. The little ones will be saved for swaps or what nots. (since the zombie isnt really "mine" to sell) Dont want to get in trouble with any copywrite laws are anything lol!

Tell me how I did :D


Bumpo said...


kiddo said...

Awesome! I want some stickers. :)

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