March 31, 2008

raining day in the neighborhood

Well todays is a gloomy day compared to the nice sunny day that we had yesterday. A friend of mine called to meet her at the park so the kids can play. So we were able to get out for a bit. The girls had a blast. Lillian fed the ducks as Emma and Jade watched with amusement. AFter it was all done me and the girls went to my parents for some bbq! Yum! That night after i got girls in bed I watched the Saw 3-4 myself (hubby went fishing) freaky, is all i have to say about those movies.
Today I been attacking the house to get it cleaned and smelly fresh. I am a freak when it comes to smells, if I smell a slightest of ucky-ness I must get rid of it. Emma is napping and I am waiting for the dryer so i can reload washer. In a few minutes I am going to clean the carpet in the living room and perhaps take out my paints and do some wall art for my living room. Cant wait till payday, after bills are paid I can see what i have extra so I can go to sam's and pick up some stuff for at least a couple of months. This way it will save money. I hope.
Just out of curiosity anyone have any money saving ideas/tips you would like to share. I would love to hear them :D any who time to go!



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