March 30, 2008


Good morning, its Sunday.
I like Sundays. Every Sunday I love to make my family a home cooked morning meal. I made pancakes, bacon and hash browns for kids and since the hubby had to work this morning i made him a mushroom/cheese omelet sandwich. Its only 9am and I am thinking of being very productive today. The girls are watching their playhouse Disney while I did some research about Sea world. I want to take the girls their this summer, I don't want a boring summer where we are not active. With the husband in the military we should get some type of discount so I need him to go to the ITR after work this week and get some info cause if all plans well we will go in June. That's if the husband doesn't come up with an excuse cause he "doesn't feel like it". Oi vey!
Yesterday we got rid of the glider and now have more room in the living room so i think i am going to move the reader's desk into the empty spot in the living room to open up the dining area a bit. I also went and cut my sister in law's hair yesterday. I think I did a good job. Her hair is very long and she wanted to try out the sweep away bangs that are in style now and give her some choppy layers, and I it came out perfect. I am going to try to grow my hair out a bit more, its at my shoulders now but with the wave in my hair it looks shorter unless i straighten. But if i get it past my shoulders i will try the layer cut, I was pondering the bangs idea but i clipped my hair with a clip for a day to see if i would like my hair being short there and when i showed my hubby he laughed at me and said i look like a kid if I got them. So I think i will skip that idea for now lol.
Well we are suppose to go to my parents later this afternoon for some grilling! I love it! Girls love it when they go see their grandparents. So this day should go by pretty smoothly unless it rain like its suppose too. Yuck ! But anyway lets get this day started! :D
~sugar out~


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