September 17, 2008

Bed Time

There so cute at bed time :D After bath time depending on the time they will play in the play room for a little bit and then we will read a story. I wont just read I would either have Lillian "read" the story to us and we are trying to get Emma to do the same lol. They can be a handful at times but everyone has their moments. I can not wait to get out of this wheelchair so I can take them to the park, take lillian to her bus stop and have fun. I feel like such a bad mommy that I can not do all these things with them. I do plan on making it up to them. If and when I win my court case we are all going to sea world or somewhere where they can just run around and play. :D I love you my little ladies.

Sisters forever!

Lillian in the traditional "peace" pose. :D

Awww she reading her book...and Lillian not fast enough to get in the picture. lol

I cant believe how big she is getting and she will be two in November. Crazy!

Lillian loves taking pictures.

Emma over here yelling "CHEESE!" LOL

Here is Emma and Lillian cheezing away.

Also I want to do a honorable mention. A great friend of mine from Cutoutandkeep
made me this fantastic collection of logos for my upcoming online store. Michelle G. is the person to go if you want some logos designed for your amazements. Thanks again Michelle!

With that said Its time for a bit of shut eye. See ya all tommorow.


meimei said...

awww sweetie, thanks!

your girls are super cute

and u are not a bad mom, I am not a bad girlfriend.

we are ingured! not our faults we can't move!!!

cheer up michelle does her job!

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