September 19, 2008

boy, I am tired

Today went by very quickly. The day didn't start as I hope for since I thought Matthew wasn't going to sick call till after 7am. With that I woke up did my normal routine in getting Lillian ready for school and I went to go wake up him in the room(i slept with the girls, trying to get Emma to stay in her bed) and moved the bundle of blanket thinking it was him and notice he wasn't there. Omg! So that meant he went to sick call much earlier and I was freaking out thinking she wasn't going to make it to her bus. So I had no choice but to get dress and Emma. I wheeled myself down the drive way which is like a slope and down the street which is nothing but a up hill...all while keeping Emma from moving so much cause I did not want her to fall off me and hurt herself. I had Lillian help me as much as she could by pushing me up that hill and we made it. She got on her bus and we went home. Usually I get Emma down for a morning nap at 9am but since she woke up at 6am and that much exercise in such little time I decided for early napage.

We slept good for 2 hours. I heard Matthew come in at 930 but I didn't bother talking to him till I knew I was rested. Because I was angry that he didn't leave a not or bother to call me.

The rest of the day he stayed in bed which is okay cause I knew he was sick. I cleaned up the living room and the kitchen. I made mini pizzas for dinner out of biscuits, prego and the left over taco meat from last night...yes I put cheese on them..yum!

When it came time for bed Lillian became very onry and when she began to talk back to me not once but 3 times I sent her to bed early. My new task was to wear out Emma by myself. I opened the back door and let her loose lol. I let her play for 30 mins and washed her up and put her in bed. I thought she was almost asleep when POOF she was sitting up wanting to play.

That is when I called in reinforcements...her daddy. I took her to him in the living room and she was out in 20 mins leaving mommy feeling relaxed.

With my mommy free time I took some pics of me and Matthew for his parents who are out of town with family and they wanted updated pics of us. I also made a fantastic phone charm that matched great with my purple phone. I tried taking pics of it but of course just like taking pics of my jewelry I made did not come out the way I wanted.

But anyway tomorrow I have to get things ready for our stay at my parents while Matthew is in the field. Enjoy the dorky pics below. Later gaters


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