September 29, 2008

I need some asprin!

Well I am back home from the world of chaos. My mom can really make you miserable when you think You couldn't get any more miserable. But that is another blog to write later. While there I caught a cold/flu/bug and I am still sick. It really irritating. My head feels like its ten times bigger than it should be, my nose cant make up its mid if it wants to be stuffy or drip everywhere and my throat hurts. I been going to bed really early...about this time 943pm. Tonight thu I fell asleep while putting Emma to sleep at 7pm. I woke up about nine going whoa! I had to take meds and to my nightly ritual of bathroom, teeth brushed, getting Emma a bottle prepared for the night ect.

I am getting a bit hungry but I will be stubborn and ignore it cause after I am done here I will check boards on co&k and get myself in bed. I have no choice but to wheel myself to Lillian's bus stop in the morning since Matthew got stuck with extended p.t in the mornings. You want to know how difficult it is to wheel up hill with a five year trying to struggle pushing you and a one year old that is on your lap. grrr! I tried contacting the school and Matthew's first Sargent for help but no one has gotten back to me or tried to see about helping us. I am also trying to get Emma enrolled on base for daycare since I found out that the army offers a certain amount of free day care hours I thought it would be best for her to be around kids her age to play instead of sitting here bored since mommy can not play the way I could. Also since my upcoming surgery will be soon it would be good for me to recover quickly since I don't know if they are going to let Matt have the time off.

Well thats enough of me babbling off to bed I go. later gaters


meimei said...

well I wish you all the best sug. I hope you can get that daycare on the go and that the cold will be gone quickly. I am off soon for my interview.

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