September 18, 2008

wow what a day!

Its 8:25pm and so far it is quiet in the Haggard Household. Last night was difficult to get any rest and I had that medication that the doc gave me to help me too. One of the meds made me feel really nauseated. Not to mention Emma came in the room at 3:30am and wanted to play. I can not wait till she sleeps through out the night and stay in bed. Once I got her to lay down on the mattress that is next to our bed before I knew it she was up again and I just went ahead and got myself up. I got Lillian up, dressed, fed and ready for school.

I notice Matthew hadn't got up for P.T and figured he probably got a call saying he didn't need too. Once I got Lillian ready I woke him up and notice he was not feeling good at all. After he took Lillian to her bus stop I got his phone and called his squad leader to let him know that he wasn't feeling well. He told me he should of called earlier to let him know and that he has to go to the e.r to get notification of his failure to appear at formation this morning. So I got Matthew up again and told him he had to go.

Once he left I wanted to see if Emma would take a nap so I could get some sleep. But she fought with me till in the end I prevailed and we slept a good 2 hours. It was a good thing I logged into myspace cause I saw my sister-in-law's status about it being early out. I didn't know it was early out so I quickly hunted for the school calendar and saw it was. It was already noon and I called the school to see what time they released which was an hour later and Matthew was still at the hospital. I hit the panic button cause I had to figure out how to get me and Emma to the bus stop but the last time I tried to wheel myself there with Emma on me I almost skidded and lost traction which I was afraid that Emma would flip out of my arms.

So I called my mom which was a good thing that she was leaving the college from picking up my brother and she picked Lillian up from school. So heart failure was prevented. lol

Matthew finally came home and he was cranky as heck. He was snappy at all of us including the dog so finally went to his room so I took care of the household as usual. This time I readjusted our routine. I started dinner at 5 instead of 430.

I made tacos for dinner and for dessert we had ice cream sandwiches. Yummy! Also while cooking I used my crutches. *high five* We took our time eating and then I got them in a bubble bath at 630. I let them play for 20 mins and got them out. It was almost 7 which is bed time during the school week. But instead I let Lillian watch some of her cartoon for a little bit while Emma played in the room. When it was time for bed it took Emma 30 mins to fall asleep unlike Lillian was out in 10.

Here is the good part! Instead of wheeling myself out of the room I stood up and used the wheelchair as a walker and hobled out of the room and to the sofa! Yayaya Go me! I then grabbed my crutches and tried to see how much more weight I could put on my leg. I am excited that I can get out of my wheelchair for small tasks!

Well that is or was my day. Now I am laying on the sofa relaxing. Let see how long this silence will last but I have my hopes up. Good night guys! Tomorrow is Friday. :D


meimei said...

woot! sug is moving and shaking now!

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