April 18, 2010

Vampire Moon Bunnies

On the dark side of the moon, where its dark and cold there lived terrible creatures that hop around on the zero gravity crater infested moon. They are evil creatures that wait for parents to bring their little naughty children to them for them to scare them into being good once again. These horrible creatures are the Vampire Moon Bunnies!!!

So this story came along since my Little Emma is going through her terrible 3's with a vengeance. I might as well have a separate blog just of her adventures. This story came into action when a weekend ago we all went to Lillian's school for Spring Carnival. Emma was told by the person in charge of the bouncy house that her time was up and that she needed to slide down so the other little kids could have a turn.

She didn't like this at all. She screamed out in frustration and picked up one of her flip flops and ninja thrown it at an innocent bystander. I am not one to spank my kids unless the crime fits. It was already time to go. So we dragged the screaming Emma to the car and proceeded to go Hobby Lobby before we went home.

She wanted to know where we were going and we told her "To the moon." She scream saying that she didn't want to go, and I started talking about the Vampire Moon Bunnies that lived their that took care of naughty children. LOL

So this is how the Vampire Moon Bunnies came too be. I also notice that my friend Kiddo was in a bunny plushie kick. When Emma saw one of her bunnies she asked me if that is what the Vampire Moon Bunny looked liked. So grinning with the idea I messaged Kiddo and asked if she could make this little request for the girls.

Kiddo did a great job!!

So there you have it Vampire Moon Bunnies are born!! :D

thanks kiddo!

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