April 14, 2010

dedicated to Cabootique

A friend of mine who has fibromyalgia, had been givin a site by the fibromylgia funding orgnaziation in her name. I would like those who read my blog to go visit the link and donate, it can be a dollar, anything will be greatful and apprciated.

Cary Pfalz a.k.a Cabootique is a wonderful creative person. She enjoys making jewlery and placing it on her etsy for her lovely creations can be adopted to their new owners.

So please take the time to check out the link for me and donate a dollar(s).

Cabootique stay awesome!


Cabootique said...

Aw, thank you soso much for your donation and for spreading the word. I really appreciate it and this has touched me beyond belief. Thank you :]

Sugar's Dream and RL said...

You are welcome hun, I hope you will get more donations. Keep up the awesome jewlery making, love your stuff. Wish I had the extra funds to attack your store lol. Luvs and hugs to ya lady!

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