April 9, 2010

bodged up first aid kit

My first attempt on making a Left4dead first aid kit....and it was a complete failure. I didnt realize I was out of red felt but I was determine to try and make a pillow out of it. So here it is. Not the best but I know what needs to be worked on when I try again.

I went to the store earlier and grabbed me tons of red felt! Go Me! So stay turn for that one.

Just the tshirt material makes it look very flimsy and red felt has more of a uniform shape. I have some other ideas so I think I will get started on that soon.


Kira said...

My friends and I dressed up as the left4dead characters for Halloween last year. I'm not sure how to share pictures on comments but it was really neat.

For our first aid kits we actually found some lil red first aid kits at target and bought them. Then we painted the crosses on them and added straps. We made pipe bombs out of pvc pipe and maltoffs with just a beer bottle and paper towels. It was fun!

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