April 25, 2010

Earthquake in Texas

Yep you read the title right, For awhile now I was curious if Texas was immune to Earthquakes and I got my answer tonight when my cousin(who lives in Kingsville,Tx) wrote on her fb about it.


I don't think there was any damage, she said she didn't even feel it, Where it happen was maybe 25-40 minutes away. It was a 4.0. But now I am really curious, am I the only one that has been noticing more of these occurrence more and more lately?

Just think about all the earthquakes we been having all over the world, and a volcano blowing its top, is there something the Earth is trying to tell us?

Just curious questions from a very curious person here. Whats your intake in the matter?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have noticed all of the latest natural catastrophes lately too and wondering the same thing. I seriously hope that environmental scientists or seismologists are studying or taking note of these things. It's almost scary.

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