January 11, 2011


Well I had a great weekend!!! One of my awesome friends asked the wonderful people over at Regretsy to post my shop links and I was bought out! It was very amazing and still recovering from the shock(the good kind) I wanna give a shout to everyone there! Thank you for being so amazing and good to me and my girls I appreciate it so much much!

So this brings up the question when will I have new inventory and what will there be in there to "ooooo" and "aaaah" at..

First of, The ninja shop seems to being running smoothly, Loving the custom orders, this way it helps me out instead of buying a bunch of random things at the store and guessing what is the right size and stuff. So if you see something and you want a certain design on a certain size shirt, please message me on there, I helped several awesome clients already!

Now for my main shop Sugar-Coated Chaos I ordered a lot of cabs, and ring blanks, so I can make more rings and jewelery. So if you are curious on what I have in store for those, here are some of the itmes I ordered. :) Now I may not get the exact ones in some of the "MIX" cabs but it gives you a general idea on what I will be getting.

5 pcs DIY Black Skull with Crown Cabochons

8 pcs Pretty Assorted Polymer Clay Resin Suit Mix Pack

10 pcs Hollow out Star Cabochon Charm In Silver

Mix 10 pcs Bow Cabochons In Assorted Colors

Rainbow Colors Punk Skeleton Faces with Bow and Rhinestone

Matching Pairs Skeleton Skull Punk Bow with Rhinestone Novelty Flatback

Turquoise Blue Star with Polka Dots and Apple Flatback

I still do not know who my mystery friend is for emailing the team at Regretsy. So whoever you are I thank you so much and the girls and myself love you very much!!!

So everyone else stay tune for awesome jewelry in the main shop but keep looking at my ninja shop for shirts, pouches, totes and all sorts of anything ninja :)


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