January 1, 2011

New year!

To celebrate a new year and my first post of 2011 I thought I do a etsy round up on all the neat time devices for you all. :) Enjoy!

This beautiful steam punk Victorian pocket watch beats the modern day wrist watch.

This adorable Owl locket is a sure way to keep time and look adorable doing so.

How about something a bit retro, and dainty? This Doily clock just speaks for itself. Dontcha agree?

Now this upside down clock will have your guest looking twice! Thought this was really awesome!

So for preparation for 2012 why not have a bio hazard clock so you will be ready for Zombies for 2012 :D

I love this Melting wall clock! Reminds me something from Alice in Wonderland!

Here is a Japanese style bamboo clock that will set off a calm mood.

Have a great day and expect some crafty projects from me this year!


Cabootique said...

Can't wait to see what you create this year :)
And I loveeee the Doily Clock.

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