September 29, 2009

trick or treat!

I love Halloween, its my favorite holiday!!! I know I kinda did an early jump start on it, so what I am just a few days shy of it being October! I am into the traditional Halloween stuff: pumpkins(my fav!!), spiders, ghosts, skellies, zombies ect ect!!! I just wanted to share with you just some of the things I have in my shop right now, and yes there will be much more to come. So stay tune! Here is what I have so far! Check it out and let me know what you think...I just added another coat to the keychains for a shiny look.

September 21, 2009

Honest scrap


The object of this is to list 10 honest things about yourself, to invite eight other bloggers, and mention the blogger who selected you. I shall be attacking 8 ppl after I fill this out. So lets get this started.


1. Procrastination...we all do it but it seems that my OCD with house chores or a crafty projection keep me from doing it that often. I need a clean area to start a new project/swap. Something to do with energy created in that area should begin with a clean area.

2. Cooking...I love doing it, I know I should make healthier alternatives. But I love my fat comfort foods. Tacos,Enchiladas,homemade pizzas, brownies, ect.

3. I been unhappy where my life should be right now. Since my accident in July of 2008 I been very emotional "weak" to outside and inside influences. I use to be independant, working and sociable.

4.I am a very passionate woman...unfortunately husband has reached that comfortable state where I am unable to express myself...which is a bit frustrating.

5.I am a gamer geek gal...I love all sorts of games. I need a new MMO to play.

6. I am my own worse critic...if i make something and like it then i must put it away cause if I look at it for too long then i will pick out too many "mistakes" and just end up discarding my project.

7. I don't use the microwave that often because I fear it blowing up on me. Just almost every 20th time I use a microwave it will POP or some type of electrical light show happens.

8. Cant wait for Lillian and Emma to be a little older so we can have slumber parties, go shopping, do girly girl things. I grew up with four younger brothers so it is a blessing to have two girls to make up for it...instead of conning one of my younger brothers to put make up on lol!!!

9. I started babysitting at a young age and then grew up to being taken advantage of and not feeling appreciated, and because of this I dislike babysitting unless it is for emergencies only. I just get so tired of ppl saying they will be back at a certain time and then I dont go home till after 4am in the morning and then only have a couple of hours of sleep to take care of mine. I am 30 not 15.

10. I love drinking coffee in the mornings. It is a highly must have every day!!!










Coraline Birthday theme????

Emma's 3rd Birthday is coming up and why not do a Coraline Birthday party. I had already done all the traditional cartoon cakes with Lillian for the last six years and thought I take one of Emma's favorite non-traditional kid/family movie to the test. But now I need ideas for FOR decorations, cakes, goodie bags, games ect. I think the color scheme I will use is Blue(from Coraline's hair) and yellow (from Coraline's rain coat)

If you seen the movie buttons seem to be a good way to incorporate in the theme too but how? Please share your ideas. Emma's birthday is November 20th and I want to start getting what I need next month.

Thanks everyone!

September 7, 2009

My Girls

Thought I write a little thing about my little girls who inspire me and keep my spirits up.

Lillian(Lil'Lil) She is Six years old and a first grader, She is very imaginative and vibrant. She is my blonde hair and blue eye girly. She loves drawing and stories. If I need a story for a craft item for something I go to her for a cute story to tag along with it. She is very loving and loves to pass out hugs and finds a loop hole with the whole talking to strangers at the grocery stores with me by asking the person their name and then telling them hers and saying "There we are not strangers anymore" lol. (Cute and a little scary at times) She also amazed her teachers in Pre-k 3 when her class would visit at the old folks home next to their school once month by talking to all the grannies and papas there. They thought she would be scared like the other kids but I told them that when she was little she would always help out with great grandma by pushing her wheelchair and helping her with "heavy" items. She is very social able and outgoing for her age.

Emma (Em, Emmers) She is my little two year old who will be three in November. She is outspoken for her age and independent. She loves to play with her sister especially when they play zombies they will make a fort out of pillows outside their room and Emma will be outside the fort keeping "watch" lol She isnt afraid of alot of things. She helps me with my crafting when her sister is in school. She is my dark hair and brown eye girly. She indeed keeps me on my toes. She is also my little escape artist. She knows how to bypass baby gates, locked doors and booster chairs. lol She is my tom boy and reminds me alot of myself when I was little.

I kinda want one more I would love another girl! I grew up with four younger brothers. But right now having another little one is on hold since my husband will be deployed in November and I would like him to be here for the pregnancy and the birth since both girls I went solo with the army having their daddies off overseas. It would be a great experience for him to see and be there for such a great event.

I love Lillian and Emma very much and only want the best for them. I am so curious on what they will be once they are all grown up.

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