September 7, 2009

My Girls

Thought I write a little thing about my little girls who inspire me and keep my spirits up.

Lillian(Lil'Lil) She is Six years old and a first grader, She is very imaginative and vibrant. She is my blonde hair and blue eye girly. She loves drawing and stories. If I need a story for a craft item for something I go to her for a cute story to tag along with it. She is very loving and loves to pass out hugs and finds a loop hole with the whole talking to strangers at the grocery stores with me by asking the person their name and then telling them hers and saying "There we are not strangers anymore" lol. (Cute and a little scary at times) She also amazed her teachers in Pre-k 3 when her class would visit at the old folks home next to their school once month by talking to all the grannies and papas there. They thought she would be scared like the other kids but I told them that when she was little she would always help out with great grandma by pushing her wheelchair and helping her with "heavy" items. She is very social able and outgoing for her age.

Emma (Em, Emmers) She is my little two year old who will be three in November. She is outspoken for her age and independent. She loves to play with her sister especially when they play zombies they will make a fort out of pillows outside their room and Emma will be outside the fort keeping "watch" lol She isnt afraid of alot of things. She helps me with my crafting when her sister is in school. She is my dark hair and brown eye girly. She indeed keeps me on my toes. She is also my little escape artist. She knows how to bypass baby gates, locked doors and booster chairs. lol She is my tom boy and reminds me alot of myself when I was little.

I kinda want one more I would love another girl! I grew up with four younger brothers. But right now having another little one is on hold since my husband will be deployed in November and I would like him to be here for the pregnancy and the birth since both girls I went solo with the army having their daddies off overseas. It would be a great experience for him to see and be there for such a great event.

I love Lillian and Emma very much and only want the best for them. I am so curious on what they will be once they are all grown up.


Yahán Nabih said...

Awwww, I knew how different your girls are just for what you write of them (how sweet Lil could be or how brilliant Emma is), but this description is a lovely strengthener. :D
Oh, you won the Honest Scrap Award and a lollipop (o-), it means that you have to write 10 things about you. The instructions are in my blog.
¡Besos y abrazos!

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