September 29, 2009

trick or treat!

I love Halloween, its my favorite holiday!!! I know I kinda did an early jump start on it, so what I am just a few days shy of it being October! I am into the traditional Halloween stuff: pumpkins(my fav!!), spiders, ghosts, skellies, zombies ect ect!!! I just wanted to share with you just some of the things I have in my shop right now, and yes there will be much more to come. So stay tune! Here is what I have so far! Check it out and let me know what you think...I just added another coat to the keychains for a shiny look.


Miss Shivi said...

Aww, I love the little skull! I really need to start crafting with fimo, so many amazing thinsg to make. My friend once made some beautiful sugar skulls out of fimo, I really need to get her to post them on CO&K!

P.S. Psst! In your blog logo there needs to be an extra 's' on the end of share. ^_^

Bumpo said...

the skellie keychain is badass :)

Michelle G said...

skulls rock

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