June 14, 2009


Onto our 3rd interview with another very well known crafter on the board of Cutoutandkeep.

Name: Tara McMahan
Location: Las vegas
Site Name: Tara M.

This lady is very skilled(well in my oppinion ~.^) in what she does. You can check out some of her many crafting projects HERE. I talk to this chicka just about every day when she takes a break from crafting and cleaning.

Tara M. is a wonderful mother to two handsome boys and another one soon to arrive in the next few/couple of weeks. She is a proud wife of a Marine who is serving our country overseas at the moment. I love all the stuff she makes like her totes and fabulous wristlets(who am I kidding, I love it all). So get ready and see what she had to say In her interview.


What made you decide to start crafting?
Nothing made me decide to do crafting, as long as I can remember I have just always done it haha! But, I do know without it I would go crazy!

What is/are your inspirations with the things you create?
Everything is my inspiration. I can see someone walking with a bag and say hey I can make that. The people I am making something for can be my inspiration. I also recently just started sewing with a machine, so I am addicted to craft books!

Do you have a favorite craft you enjoy doing?
I seem to circulate from crochet, to cross-stitch, to sewing, ect. When I learn to do something new, it is my new favorite!

What is a typical day/week for you?
Haha!I clean, clean, craft, clean, play with the boys, repeat! I have a free day on Wed and that is usually a day of relaxation and uninterrupted crafting. It's fun being a stay at home mom with 2 boys and one on the way! That's why there is soooo much cleaning!

What is it like to have a place online to sell the things you love making?(what is your online store link)
I don't really know to well yet. I just got my etsy account going, and I have only sold one item. Hehe. But, it does seem pretty neat. I actually don't even care if I sell anything, because I would be making the same things regardless.

Other than crafting what other hobbies do you have?
Music, other than nothing. I am a CRAFT NERD!

What are your thoughts on our favorite crafting site www.cutoutandkeep.net?
I love it! I am sooo glad I found it. I have found so many people who are crafty nerds just like me! Haha, and it is nice to post things and get positive or even not so positive feed back on the stuff you make. I don't really know anyone in the "real world" who is into this kind of stuff. It kind of feels like my home away from home.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Doing the same things I am now just 10 times better! And being the number one crafter in the world!!!

Lastly, I will let you ask me two questions and I will answer them for you.

What made you decide to write this blog?
I really wanted everyone to get to know some of the briliant crafters I enjoy talking and seeing on the boards every day. Its great to see the insight and how a fellow crafter thinks as well as maybe relate and be able to start crafting as well.
I just love you guys!!

If you could be any color what color would you be, and why!?
I would be pink, its such a happy color and I just love bringing a smile to ppls faces.


Suzanne said...

I love Tara!

Anonymous said...

me tooo!!!!! I love her bags


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