June 6, 2009

Part One of Four series of Cutoutandkeep Favorites' Interview

After much thinking I thought I would share with you some of my favorite/top crafters on the site www.cutoutandkeep.net These ladies are known throughout the boards on CO&K and bring inspiration to many including myself. So Please sit back and enjoy these lovely ladies views from crafting to every day life.

Name: Michelle Gosse
Age: 27
Location: St.John, Canada
Name on site: Michelle G.

You can find all her wonderful projects HERE. She is known for taking an everyday item and turn it into something functional and awesome! She has great how too's as well as being an amazing photographer and graphic designer. Be sure to Check out all her fabulous projects on CO&K.


What made you decide to start crafting?
I have always been in love with art and all the ecompasses as art. Crafting was a natural choice.

What is/are your inspirations with the things you create?
Inspiration comes from daily life, in the sky, in the clothes we wear, from relationships and love

Do you have a favorite craft you enjoy doing?
well, its hard to pick, I love paint and clay, sewing and everything handmade

What is a typical day/week for you?
hmm a typical week, includes working, taking care of my turtle, crafting and spending time with my financee.

What is it like to have a place online to sell the things you love making?(what is your online store link)
Etsy, its a godsent. www.meieidesign.etsy.com

Other than crafting what other hobbies do you have?
Travel, art history and dance

What are your thoughts on our favorite crafting site www.cutoutandkeep.net?
its an amazing site, if your not on it, may I ask...why? join.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
I will say, just as I am now. relaxing, enjoying life and crafting up a storm

Lastly, I will let you ask me two questions and I will answer them for you.

Who is your muse?
My girls are my muse. Most of the time they can jump start an idea just out of the blue and it will take me no time to get started and finished.

If you were a shoe, what would you be?
Haha. That is easy if I were a shoe I would be most diffently my favorite type...converse :D


Stephanie and Carlos said...

Michelle I would totally be a converse show too!! Nice interview Sug!!

xo Steph

Anonymous said...

Great job sug! :) and Michelle obviously! :D
cant wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

thats awesome sug! i will totally keep checking back!

Anonymous said...

ooh its great sug!


Suzanne said...

Tag you're it! I got got tagged (see my blog) now it's your turn *heeheehee*

Here are the rules:

Name check and post a link back to whoever "tagged" you. Then answer the questions below and post them on you blog. Then it's your turn to tag at least 4 spooky minded bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog/my space/etc. Remember to include the image and the list of questions!

Here are the questions-

Q: Bat, Wolf or Owl:which are you?

Q: Name your fave spooky movie

Q: When did you last have the chills and why?

Q: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Have fun!


Suzanne said...

Sorry about the tag post earlier (I was kind of obligated)! I love the feature on Michelle! Great idea Sug!

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