June 15, 2009


Well this ends the first part series of fun interviews of four known women on the board of cutoutandkeep.net. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. So recline that computer chair of yours and read on my interview with Kiddo, the sexy lady of crafting.

Name: Suzanne Gregg
Location: Tenn.
Site Name: KIDDO

You can check out some of her projects HERE and click to her logo to the right of your screen to check out her etsy store...I swear I am addicted to her shop!

This lovely lady is just amazing what she does, I just don't know how she comes up with the stuff she makes. I love talking to her over the phone and enjoy our conversations, she seems to be the only gal I can be on the phone for hours with. She is strong minded, gorgeous and creative; what more can you ask for from a fellow crafter. Lets see what she had to say with my questions.


What made you decide to start crafting?
I actually use crafting as therapy for my bipolar and anxiety disorders. I have found that being able to come up with an idea and actually create it for others to enjoy has done me a world of good. For me it's actually more effective than talk therapy (and it's cheaper, too).

What is/are your inspirations with the things you create?
I take inspiration from other crafters. For instance, I fell in love with resin jewelry making after discovering the work of Lunaricsales on Etsy.com. Her jewelry is so amazing! I decided I would give resin a try and absolutely love it!

Do you have a favorite craft you enjoy doing?
Right now it's making jewelry. I also hand embroider and make creations out of felt (but those definitely take a backseat to jewelry making at this point in my life).

What is a typical day/week for you?
Unfortunately I just lost my job, so at this time nothing is typical for me. My newfound freedom currently has me in "culture shock."

What is it like to have a place online to sell the things you love making?(what is your online store link)

I currently sell my creations on http://kiddo47.etsy.com. It's so wonderful to have people like the things that I have put so much time and love into enough to buy them! My favorite part of selling on Etsy is packing up my crafts to send them to a new, loving home!

Other than crafting what other hobbies do you have?
Crafting is my ultimate passion. I love connecting with my fellow CO+K buddies on a nearly daily basis. I have met so many wonderful people there! I'm sure they will be friends I have for life!

What are your thoughts on our favorite crafting site www.cutoutandkeep.net?
This site has been a godsend for me! I've met so many awesome friends! I love browsing through the newly posted projects daily and especially love participating in craft swaps on CO+K.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Living a happy life, doing what exactly? I have no idea, but that's the exciting part!

Lastly, I will let you ask me two questions and I will answer them for you.

How long have you been crafting?
I been crafting since I was little, I was raised in a big family and my parents really didnt have much money to get us the "FABULOUS" toys they aired on tv. So we would always come up with some crafty, recycle idea to keep us occupied as well as using our imagination to make up some kewl games to play.

What is your favorite crafting medium?
I dont stick with one crafting medium, my moods change, I could be sewing one day and the next day I could be making jewlery...or draw my cute anime pics...its an ongoing list. I like variety and like to give myself a challenge.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for featuring me on your blog! And thanks for calling me "sexy" LOL!


Anonymous said...

you know, I just love these interviews


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