September 4, 2012

Project n the works

So I am working on Zombies, with Halloween coming up I want to come up with a few designs for the holiday. My Zombie rag doll-She is kinda tall and I am loving the long legs.

The reason why I sewn her hand towards her face is because I am wanting to sew up a brain on top of it so it looks like she is eating it.

I am also going to paint her mouth as well. Her dress is hand sewn and I used a black velvet type fabric. I added ruffles on the bottom.

This is also a very bad picture, I could not get the true colors of the fabric in my poor lighting of a house, so I brought the hues out. Once I am finish I will take her outside for her proper photo shoot.

She is tall, like I said earlier she does have some leg on her. lol!! 16 and a half inches tall. ~.^

Here are some Halloween stuff I worked on the last couple of weeks.

This below is Jack plush I hand sewn for a custom order. He is aprox. 9 inches tall. Took about six and a half hours to complete and I love how he came out. Don't you?

Now this one below was a special request. One of my loyal clients and pal wanted to see if I could make her daughter's drawing into a plush for her and this as the result. I do believe she liked it. I enjoyed doing this custom piece.

This Zombie below is the kind of plushes I LOVE making. The fun bright colors and funky hair. This one is 100 percent hand sewn. Took 8 hours to complete. The hair took the longest. Trying to determine placement and sewing each of the individual pieces onto the head took a very long time. I really love how this one came out.

I have not listed her in my shop, may wait till I get a good build up on Halloween inventory before listing. I may ask for 25 dollars for her with all the time spent to get rocking. ~.^ If anyone is interested for her just message me.

Hope you enjoyed this posting, feel free to comment, pin and fan me on facebook. Thanks so much! :)


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