September 6, 2012

Bragging time!

Tonight I want to share with you few of my friends' awesome talent. Each one of them are uniquely gifted in their own way and I just need to get the word out there. So tonight I am going to share with you just two of them. I have a lot of crafty friends so I will not overload your brain in one post.

I would like to begin with my gal pal-Jeanette. She makes jewelry, works on brilliant art pieces, she is graphic designer and a wonderful mother and friend. You can find more pictures of her awesome skills HERE.

She even designed my chibi character for my logo and designed my business cards. Go see her if you need a logo, banner, business card, and graphic design of all sorts, tell her I sent ya.


Next is my gal pal with hair of flame. I call her Red, and you can call her Mrs. Lady Scarlett. =P She is an outgoing gal on a mission, don't let her looks fool you. She is one of my favorite pin up ladies and one of my best friends. She recently got her crafty groove back from all the chaos of a new baby and moving. You can check her out HERE.



Before I end tonight's entry, I wanted to show you some of my loot from today. If you were reading my earlier Facebook status you would know exactly what I am talking about ~.^

Look at my shirts, I think the Hershey one is my fav...and yes, because I am addicted to chocolate. =p Tell me how you think I did :) on my Facebook page. I am a happy girl, can you believe I got the yellow and the Hershey shirt for .49cents each. Talk about big SCORE and for those who were not paying attention in the classroom. The two shirts to the left were on clearance at Wally-World for $3 dollars.Also the flip flops were on clearance for a dollar! ooooo yeah!

Well folks, that concludes this evening's blog entry for tonight. Other than feeling like I may be coming down with something but I will fight it because I drew out two zombie plush patterns that I will be experimenting with tomorrow.



Sandi said...

great haul!! Love that blue and grey striped one! ♥

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