July 11, 2009

ZOMBIE GIVEAWAY TIME!!!(first giveaway ever!)

So by the show of hands, how many of you all are ready for my Zombie-made goodies giveaway?!

Okay then, I am not afraid of you!

Whats up for grabs is my polymer made items, a cupcake phone charm, a zombie heart with scars to prove your worth in this "oh so" cruel world, and finally a zombie flesh pendant to wear around your neck to deter those pesky creature away. I am sure if you smell like them they will not come near you out of confusion. lol.

Now onto how to win these fabulous items. Very simple I think that is lol.

First of all You must be following my blog, let your followers know on your blog what is going on here cause all you need to do is this, tell me if you were to have your own movie/story about zombies what would your basic scenario be for it, keep it short(up to 8 sentences if you can but no more than 12) Please leave your email address as well so I have a way to get a hold of you.

I am just curious how faithful to the zombie genre the future winner will be for winning these bad boys. I surely don't want to give these up to someone that will not have the appreciation for the theme.

Last day to sign up will be July 25th at 11pm central time. I will Choose the winner the 27th and the winner has 3 days to claim or I will choose another who will have 24 hours to respond. I will have mail out your prize by August 3rd.



Maxcine said...

Sooo...do we leave our giveaway post here or send it elsewhere?

Sugar's Dream and RL said...

on here :D

Maxcine said...

My zombie scenario would begin in Birmingham, Alabama because, everyone knows, zombies create more chaos in cities and towns! (More people to eat) Then, what the heck, let them work all across Alabama (but only after I've left the state because I'm the heroine of my movie!)because, who needs Alabama anyway? Day or night, it doesn't matter. Just a huge zombie"wipe out Alabama" party!

DamienHaze said...

My Zombie Scenario:
The Year is 2020, The earth has been devastated by War. There are no Governments just small settlements throughout the world, As a small group of friends try and survive in this new world against not only Zombie's but radioactive ones!!!!

Knitting Kitten said...
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Knitting Kitten said...

In London, 2010, a Russian satellite crashes into the House of Commons. The few surviving politicians become mutated creatures, craving the flesh of humans. However, an interesting twist arises as they study flesh samples in a laboratory - the electronic rays from the satellite not only mutated the MPs, but also made them susceptible to receiving transmissions from Russia. What do we have? Flesh-eating Soviet soldiers! As the infection spreads with every bite, Obama's finger descends slowly onto to the nuclear missile button - aimed directly for England...

and my email is mongoose.farmer@gmail.com

Rachel said...

Thanks for offering this contest. Hope we win.

Cha Ching Queen

Suzanne said...

Mine would be a love story. I'm not lucky in love with regular guys, so I might as well move on to the undead! A zombie outbreak occurs and instead of running away; I find the best looking male zombie and let him attack! Then we go on a feeding frenzy as two zombies in love <3

Of course I follow your blog and I'll post a link to this giveaway on my blog as well!

Stuart Conover said...

( This will go a bit over 12 but I felt it needed the added information to express my idea. If you want to disquality due to length- I'm ok with that! ;) Suzanne told me about it so it's on her head!! *laughs* )

This is actually a tough one for me since I have rough outlines for about 10 stories involving zombies laying around. If I were to go with one of them I've always wanted a collection of short stories with the following premise: People who were just infected. We always see what happens to those around the infected: family, friends, enemies, strangers, etc. Rarely we see the infected themselves who know what they are in for.

Most modern zombie movies show those that are infected turn into the undead instantly or nearly so there are many examples where once bitten you have hours to days before you become one of the flesh eaters that we love to hate. What do you do with this time? Do you reflect on your life? Do you try to get revenge against the undead? Do you try to accomplish any last goals or dreams? Do you just end it early in a way to prevent yourself from coming back from the grave? Or do end it in a way to die quickly and BECOME a zombie? If done right it'd be a great way to reflect on life, death, dreams, and fears set agains thte post-apocolyptic world suffering the ravages of an outbreak of the undead.

Stuart Conover / Buy Zombie

Sugar said...

wow this is sounding really good guys!! I am going to have a hard time deciding :D

Anonymous said...

The year: 2015 Alternate Future
The Humans Train their animals in the mystic arts of the ninja, and two are the most dominant, the neko clan and the clan of the monkey. During a experiment, things go wrong and the neko clan aka ninja cats, get infected and become zombies and wage war against the monkey ninjas. After a fierce battle both sides become infected and attack the humans. The humans who fled to safety summons the super samurai defense squad to help save those who were left to die.(the animals are regular but with ninja abilities and some form of communications)

Anonymous said...

Near future and the hero has been preparing for a zombie outbreak for years with most the town thinking he's insane. Hordes supplies and weapons, creates a safe haven in his home. Then once the zombies show up, he searches for survivors despite being shunned. Collecting journals, video, or letters as a means to help find closure for the people he couldn't save.

Anonymous said...

The zombies have risen and been brought back down. But people still die and come back. So that is why "the company" ,the new goernment' created a better version of the army called "the unit" they blend in so they they can be just as someone returns. We our find main character as a newcomer to "the unit".
Yes, no? abbie2rulz@yahoo.com

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