April 26, 2011

Hola friends!

I need to see if I can get some of you all to join an awesome site! I am looking for anyone who has ten minutes of their time to watch commercial ads, win points that you can redeem for prizes. Each ad you watch and rate you will be entered into a weekly jackpot drawing for cash prize. The more ppl we get in our village then more chances of becoming one of the top villages and then the company will PAY us for watching those ads.

This is my second day and so far this is a no brainer, I watched ten minutes of commercials and song choices for companies that plan on using for upcoming comercials. In return I got dicount coupons for that paticular ad that I can save in my vault and print out to use.

And No I didn't spend any money to do this. The reason why this company exists is because Companies who try to advertise their product notice with today's technology that the general public is able to skip over ads with their DVRs as well as getting ad blocker softwares onto their computers. This company is for individuals who do not mind sparing a few minutes a day to see these ads and rate them for the said companies so they know to gain more attention drawn to their product and not skipped over on tv.

Its rather easy and now I am moving on to the part where I need your help becoming a part of my Village so we can take over the world and put money in our pockets.

Please Click on the link to check out the 2 minute video for more info on the site and to join my village. Thank you



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